How to be #happy

Hey everyone, guess what? Today is National I Want You To Be Happy Day. Honestly I had no idea there is such a day but I’m happy that there is because I’ve been wanting to share with you my tips for happiness. I’m assuming everyone wants to be happy, or happier, right? But it’s important to understand up front that life comes with its ups and downs and no matter what anyone tells you, no one can be happy ALL the time. Not even those we think have all the money, fame and creature comforts we can only dream of.


We can’t all have everything but if you think about how lucky you are to have what you have, to be where you are, to have the love of your family, your kids, you have reason to smile and be happy. It’s a waste of time running after the things someone else has, thinking that those are what you need to be happy. There’s no one universal thing that makes everyone happy. Everyone is different and different things make people happy and frankly, they could be just the simplest of things like your kids giving you a peck on the cheek, or offering to pay for your gym membership from his campus job.

Don’t compare yourself with anyone else. Comparing the size of your house, your car, your bank account, etc with someone whom you think is better off than you will only make you negate everything you’ve done thus far to be where you’re at. It’ll make you feel resentful, unaccomplished and unhappy about your situation. To be honest, the other person may seem better off from outward appearances but who is to say they don’t have a whole ‘nother set of problems and they may looking at you wishing they could be you, heh? So I wouldn’t waste my time wishing for or chasing after what someone else has. Instead be content with what you have and make the most of it.

Do what you like and do it your way. I, for one, have never subscribed to the herd mentality. I honestly could care two hoots if everyone is driving a new car every year, or splurging on vacations 5 times a year. But believe me, there will be people out there who make it their business to make you look or feel bad. And if you let them get to you, you’ll be unhappy. So why let them? I say, just ignore these people and do what makes you happy. Wear what you like, do what you enjoy, inhale the goodness around you, try something completely crazy and different, and most important, be who you are, not someone else and you’ll be a whole lot happier.

So here’s sending you huge hugs and wishing you Happy I Want You To Be Happy Day! And if you’re so inclined, share your tips for happiness and what brings happiness to your life?

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  • Raquel

    Oh how nice! I didn’t realize there was such a day. I am happy most days – thankfully. Thanks for letting me know and hope your day was happy too!

  • Natasha @ Epic Mommy Adventures

    What a great post! I didn’t know there was a National I Want You To Be Happy Day. I was having a bit of a rough day today but you’ve brightened up my day with this post. Thanks so much for sharing on Turn It Up Tuesday! We love having you! 🙂