Something fishy

First thing I do when I jump out of bed these days, I’m checking the weather. Ya never know, right? Turns out Saturday was the day we’d been waiting for. 40+ degrees and no sign of the sun or those 100km/hour winds the weather man had warned about. A steady breeze blowing in from the ocean, so cold and refreshing, and the lightest of sprinkles from the cloudy skies. Such beautiful weather.


Perfect for a walk to that neat little fish and chips place not far from our place. The kids jumped at the idea. We don’t eat out often these days. All they get for dinner are my failed Asian cooking experiments, haha! Of course, they wanted to eat out.

So we set off on a leisurely walk. There’s no hurry in weather this beautiful. The previous week, we wanted to try their calamari but they ran out. So we ordered their cod fish special aka all you can eat. That was the day I single-handedly gobbled up 5 pieces of fish 😳 and drank 3 cups of coffee. #notevenkidding


Anyhoo, back to this calamari which still smelled of the ocean. So that was kinda weird. I have to admit too I was a little freaked out by those tentacles. They reminded me too much of Davy Jones (remember him from the Pirates of the Caribbean? eww!)… so no, we probably won’t be ordering this again.


The cod fish was yummy as usual. I could eat 5 pieces… okay, I already mentioned that so I won’t embarrass myself again. But it’s so freakin’ good especially since each table has its own bottle of tartar sauce. Me and the kids, we practically get drunk on the stuff, haha. I remember the times we’ve had to ask endlessly for refills till one restaurant even had the nerve to ask us to pay for extra tartar sauce. What?!

And our server kept coming around offering more coffee and of course, how could I say no? So I drank every last drop of those endless cups of coffee she poured me. Their coffee is that good, seriously. Or maybe it’s cold out and any piping hot coffee would taste good. Nah, they honestly do make one mean brew. So there, that was our little outing – a very pleasant walk, a nice little treat and good company.

Did you eat out this weekend? What did you have?