What bears do best

Okay, I guess this is where I blog about what we ate at the reunion dinner of the year. Not that anyone wants to know but hey, since when did I allow anyone to dictate what I do, right?

So I’ve been saying year after year that all I want to do during Chinese New Year is hibernate (who would’ve guessed I have this mountain woman side to my personality?) and then I would inadvertently get roped in to meet up with family and stuff, and there goes my grand plan.

Well, not this year. This year, I’ve somehow beamed myself halfway across Planet Earth to a winter wonderland just south of the Arctic. Get it? Arctic? As in where bears roam hibernate this time of year!! YES!! This sign says it all.


It says there not to feed the bears. But guess what? I’m going to do the direct opposite and show you what I fed my baby bears. Everything was homemade, down to the spicy chili sauce. Nothing beats the sense of accomplishment of seeing how much my kids enjoy my concoctions cooking. And as long as I have all my kids with me, it doesn’t matter how simple the meal it still tastes like heaven.

The mountain of roasted chicken drumsticks to go with my special chicken-rice-style rice.


Carrot spinach soup which everyone loves.


And not forgetting, my super-spicy ground chili sauce. I have no idea how the chicken rice man makes his chili sauce. I made up this recipe from imagination, not knowing how it would turn out but my baby bears are giving this 2 thumbs up!


And after dinner, my baby bears played around with the string lights I’d strung up in the hallway and decided on this design. Pretty, ain’t it? With the lights off, it’s even prettier.


Today, as is traditional, we’re vegetarian to kick off the first day of the new year on a compassionate note. It’s a very cold but sunny day out but us bears are hibernating and enjoying the peace and quiet far from the maddening crowd. Bliss!

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