Of shorts, snow and masquerading drumsticks

7:30am: It’s a bee-auu-tiful day out. What can I say? It’s 41 degrees with a feathery sprinkle of rain, no sun at all and it’s not even cold. Oh, and this isn’t even LA. Wow! I skipped out for my morning stroll aka walked my pretties to the bus stop, got home, peeled off 2 layers of clothing and got down to this.


That’s right. I can’t believe it myself. Shorts in the middle of winter?!!

9:30am : Okay, I’ve got like 20 chicken drumsticks sitting on the kitchen counter basking in char siew (pork barbecue) marinade. Yeah, trying to pass off drumsticks as barbecued pork, that would be me alright! Trust me to forget to buy the pork shoulder. So we’re having homemade roasted chicken rice for tonight’s reunion dinner, the customary last meal before the Lunar New Year tomorrow.

School is still on and the kids will be back late from class so we’re opting for something simple yet delicious which the kids have been hounding me to cook.

10:00am: I’m chopping up all the condiments and raw ingredients to make my ground chili. Life without chili is like trudging through the desert without water. We were over the moon when we spotted Jalapenos and red chili at groceries last weekend. YES!! Finally!

11:15am: I’m still cutting up strawberries and avocados ahead of grinding my chili. Tons of activity around me, Hip2bSon is making his lunch, Hip2bDaughter1 is making lunch for herself and me, and packing Hip2bDaughter2’s lunch.

1:00pm: Hip2bDaughter1 whatsapps me from school to say it’s snowing. How cool is that! Can’t wait to see the photos.

2:30pm: While my drumsticks are doing their thang in the oven, I’m trying to crank out this post and then I get distracted. Figured I’d put up our decorative lights to give the kids a pleasant surprise when they come back from school. It’s not exactly my most creative design but I need to hurry before the troops get home. So this will have to do for now… until I find time to redo it later.


This is all the decor I’m putting up. We saw the red CNY decor and lanterns at Walmart but those are so not my style. Gives me the shivers, haha!

4:30pm: I’m off to finish up the rest of the cooking. Stay tuned for photos. Till tomorrow, have a fabulous lunar new year.