Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 125

Everyday Ruralty
1. Have you tried any DIY cleaning products or skin care products from the many recipes on the internet?

I’ve used baking soda as a toothpaste. It was vile, haha! I’m planning to put the rest of that box of baking soda to some good household use one of these days.

2. Do you like to enter sweepstakes, giveaways, or prize drawings?

I do enter giveaways once in a very blue moon usually for those big ticket items (that would be nice to have) in hopes of winning them rather than having to fork out the money. But seriously, who am I kidding?

3. How often do you visit your local library? Do you have a local library?

I hardly ever visit the library unless the building is a tourist attraction or something and even then, I’m likely to just stand outside, gawk at the architecture, take a few sniffs of carbon monoxide and snap the obligatory photo or two. By and large, I consider the internet my library.

4. Do you have a simple mobile phone or one that does lots of things?

Mine is an Android. Oh man, the amount of phone swapping we’ve done lately! I gave my phone to Hip2bDaughter2, and Hip2bDaughter1 bought a new phone and gave hers to me because it’s too antiquated to take the kind of SIM card they have here.

5. Tell me something new or interesting. Please:)

For a change, it was sunny, not rainy or foggy last weekend so it was good weather to be out and about (read my post here if you’re interested). I can’t believe I just equated sunny with good but the BC sun is pretty mild so it’s not nearly as bad. Interesting that we’re back to rain and fog this week. At any rate, I hope you all have a good week 😀 .

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  • Alana

    I noticed you were talking about BC weather which made me chuckle. My daughter is in BC and she was saying how it was cold. I laughed and asked her if it was 6C, which, when she checked it was a feel of 6C with an actual temp of 8C. I then informed her our high for the day was -9C and wasn’t feeling sorry for her – lol! Enjoy your sun 🙂

    • Clairity

      You’re spot on, it’s around 7C (I had to do an online conversion to see what that is in F LOL) and it’s a little rainy today. Funny it feels warmer when it rains, and colder when it isn’t. But omg, -9C is like 16F, I’m really hoping it warms up for those in the polar vortex.

  • patrice

    The internet is a great resource, but I love my books. I get a bit crazy about them. Baking soda by itself is very vile. There are some good toothpaste recipes out there.

  • Cathy Kenendy

    I have used baking soda on my toothpaste in the paste. It’s pretty abrasive, so I don’t use it so much anymore. If I want to whiten my teeth, I will swish a little hydrogen peroxide around for a few seconds, and then brush my teeth to remove the taste. It doesn’t leave a pleasant taste in your mouth, but it does help to remove stains from your teeth. It won’t get your teeth professional dental white, but I do see the difference. Thanks for visiting!