A new kind of laid-back

Yo peeps, I have to confess, we’ve been sleeping in till 10am all weekend. I know, such a gross disrespect for House Rule #105 which says everyone must be out of bed by 8am or else. Understand that these are c-c-cold mornings and the sun doesn’t rise till 8 am, and with the blinds down, it’s easy to be fooled into thinking you’re jumping out of bed at 7am when, horror of horrors, it’s freakin’ 10am!! Oh well!

Right after breakfast and a shower (old habits die hard, I still gotta shower twice a day), it’s time to heat up the leftovers for lunch – a box of buffalo wings I made last night, cucumbers, hot cups of green tea and apples. You won’t believe red apples (think Snow White minus the poison, of course, haha!) are $4.99 for a huge big bag. So we’re eating apples like it’s going out of style 😀 .

All in all, it’s been a busy week but in a laid-back kind of way, if that even makes sense. The fact that the days are 8 hours short, cloudy, rainy, foggy and grey (not unlike the Californian winters I’m used to) kinda kicks everything back to low gear. It’s a really nice change from always being in a rush – to avoid traffic jams, to beat the crowd, to snag a parking spot or a table at a restaurant, I don’t even know why we rushed around so much but we just had to.

Then there’s all this walking, now that it’s safe to walk again. Actually I’ve not walked this much since I was in uni in California. Sea breeze. Fresh clean mountain air. No mosquitoes. No lovely lingering stench of garbage following you around. No looking back nervously every 2 minutes. Can’t complain. And that natural incline, my glutes and hamstrings are thanking me now.

Speaking of thanks, my sushi lovers are thankful there’s a sushi joint at every corner. We’ve found two so far to appease our palettes. Now this is what I call a real bento box, packed to bursting with everything from appetizer to dessert, comes with piping hot miso soup and green tea, and costs only $8.


And at another joint, we feasted on this long train of sushi rolls harboring such goodies as salmon skin and avocado for less than $6. Man, I tell ya! *shakes head and chuckles*


Think I’ll hop back into bed for a quick afternoon nap till it’s time to make dinner.

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