Monday Quiz 46

Acting Balanced1. It’s National Hobby Month – will you be starting a new hobby or just keeping up with current ones? What are your hobbies?

I hadn’t planned on any new hobbies but now looking at my new blender and slow cooker sitting on the kitchen counter, I might just have found my new hobbies right there.

2. January 6th is Bean Day – what is your favorite bean? Bean recipes to share?

I love black, white, pinto, red. I love red bean soup which is a sweet soup dessert made from boiling red beans with sugar and an orange peel.

3. Wayne got a question from a student yesterday… and we’d love your input – “I just got good news – I got a promotion into management – the problem now is that that I’ve moved to a salary position after working hourly. I used to get paid for overtime so now I make less money – what should I do?”

If a management position is what you’re aiming for in the long run, then you should look at this pay cut as only a temporary setback. Have a little patience, management has its perks and those will come in time.

4. Have you ever bought a gift that you regretted giving later?

I’m sure I have. Probably some handmade gift that I painstakingly made with love that weren’t appreciated because they were not expensive, storebought items, who knows?

5. My question…

What are your favorite soups for keeping warm?

Have a fantabulous week, peeps!

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