Oatmeal and fruit breakfast

Hey guys, lookee here, the first 3 days of the year sure went quick. I’ve been busy, as usual, and I’ll tell you more about that later but first, let’s talk about what I’ve been eating. As you may know, I’m a breakfast kind of girl. I never skip breakfast mostly because I wake up ravenously hungry every morning and I have to eat.

But I’m not a Complicated Breakfast Person. I like to keep it fast and simple. No trekking down to a breakfast place and shelling out big bucks for a chef to whip me up an order of bacon, sausage and eggs. No moving a ton of ingredients to cook breakfast either. I mean, whoever cooks breakfast anyways unless it’s to impress someone, or if it’s a special request?

For me, the perfect breakfast would be something like this. Rip open a packet of maple and brown sugar oatmeal, mindlessly unleash it in a bowl, add a gurgle of milk and pop it into microwave for 60 seconds. I don’t know why I microwaved it here, I rarely ever do. Peel and chunk a red apple and a banana. Toss it all in. Nom nom nom over a piping hot cup of hazelnut coffee (my current favorite flavor) and I’m a happy camper.


A deliciously healthy way to start the day. It’s ready even before I’m fully awake. What kind of breakfast person are you, or maybe you’re a No Breakfast Person? What’s your favorite way of eating breakfast?

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