Monday Quiz 45

Acting Balanced1. Did you get what you wanted for Christmas?

Christmas was just an ordinary day for us and it went in a flash. We were so busy packing we barely noticed. However my secret Santa did swing by in his sleigh a couple days after Christmas to whip us halfway across the planet to a place just south of the North Pole. How cool, er cold is that!

2. Do you plan to make New Year’s Resolutions or set new goals? What do you resolve or hope for in the new year?

I don’t do New Year resolutions any more. However our goals to work out and eat healthier remain the same.

3. December 30th is National Bicarbonate of Soda day – (this is really a day) – what do you use it for?

Really? The humble baking soda has its own day, wow. Yeah, so for a little while, I was using it to brush my teeth. I had no idea it would taste so yucky. So much for that. I’m planning to use it for general household cleaning… soon.

4. Liam wants to know what kind of car you drive… or what kind of car is your dream car?

I drive a minivan but I’m car-less right now. The rebel in me wants a bad@ss truck.

5. Your question…

What are your plans for New Year’s Eve tomorrow? Whatever they are, I hope you stay safe and have fun. Happy New Year!

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