Disneyland throwback

Hey guys, I wanted to do a bit of a throwback here and share with you some holiday photos taken at around this time a couple years ago.


The giant Christmas tree that greeted us as we entered the happiest, er dampest place on earth. Not even the grey skies nor the Californian winter nor the incessant rain could dampen our spirits as we trooped in 3 mornings in a row.


Eating ice cream on an outdoor bench on a cold and rainy night waiting for the Disney holiday parade, what an experience… and to see living, breathing Disney princesses and their Prince Charmings wave and nod at us. Totally worth it!


The Pirates of the Caribbean ride which we rode so-oo many times we lost count. Even the guy manning this amazing river boat ride was starting to recognize us and give us weird looks like, hey didn’t I just see you get into the boat 10 minutes ago? We got there so early there was no one ahead of us in the usually mile-long line, and once we even got the entire train of boats to ourselves, heh!


The parade went on and on, brightly lit float after float, bringing to life all of my teens’ favorite Disney storybook characters they grew up with. Priceless!


And if we were obsessed with the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, we completely went off our rockers with the Aladdin show at the Hyperion theater at the California Adventure Park. Once the show was over, we went back in line to watch it again… and again… and again. After about the 6th or 7th time, even Aladdin recognized us and waved to us from up there on his elephant!

Sweet memories!

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