The fry guy

And so it would seem we can find humor in the oddest of circumstances. I’m standing at Customer Service of our local mall waiting for someone to sort through the usual administrative inconveniences imposed by broken systems that don’t do what they’re supposed to do.

Being at loose ends, I start paying attention to the folks dancing up to the desk with their inquiries about oh, the usual. First a guy asking where’s X (a restaurant)? Then a gaggle of young women approach with a similar question, where’s Z (another restaurant). Food sure seems to be on everyone’s mind today. Or is it that everyone’s from out of town?

Mr Customer Service reckons the women are referring to a Japanese eatery by the name of Z. But apparently they’re looking for some sort of place that ‘serves cake’, or so says the young lady.

At any rate, Mr CS is a busy guy and frankly who has time to argue on the busiest weekend before Christmas? So he sends them merrily on their way to said Japanese joint… at which point, I turn to HipebDaughter1 and mumble something about frying eggs. Mr CS catches my last two words and looks quizzically at me. Oh nothing, I replied, not that interested in explaining to him what I just said.

But somehow we made eye contact again and he took that as a sign to pick up our little conversation.

He: Z is where they serve a cracked egg over rice in a bento box, right?

Me: I think they’re referring to one where they serve omelets with bacon and toast.

He: (puzzled look)

Me: Many people like to pay an arm and a leg to have someone fry up their eggs and serve it to them with toast and coffee.

He: (laughing out loud) I think I can easily fry the eggs myself at home!

Me: Exactly 😉 .

Now there’s a guy after my own heart 😆 .

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