The bee and the squirrel

So I’m supposed to be this super-busy bee, right? Indeed I’ve got more things on my to-do list than stripes on my bumble bee back. Well, okay, maybe sometimes I give myself too little credit. I did spend the better half of yesterday sorting and clearing after squirreling around town trying to get through my list, mind you, I’m not even Santa’s assistant!

I’ve still haven’t gotten around to getting my car fixed after our little run-in with a city bus. I blame it on that ever-irresponsible jerk of a mechanic who doesn’t bother returning calls and who thinks women know nothing about cars. Really?

Speaking of jerks, after some last-minute groceries at the mall, I found my car boxed in on all sides by some indiscriminately parked cars. You know what, I think I’ve just about had it with driving in this crazy place! Oh wait, I hear some 200,000 folks have already signed up to migrate to Mars :idea:!

Oh and before I forget, I do apologize if I’ve been slack commenting on your blogs. I still do come around to read, it’s just that sometimes I have nothing new or intelligent to add. Clear signs of a tired mind.

Right! I’m outta here. It’s getting late and this busy bee still has stuff to do before calling it a day.

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