Monday Quiz 43

Acting Balanced1. What song represents your last week?

“The Heat is On” (Glenn Frey)

2. Have you made your list and checked it twice?

My list goes on, as you all probably know, and right now, I’m crossing the items off slowly one by one.

3. December 16th (Tuesday) is National Chocolate Covered Anything Day… what is your favorite thing to eat covered in chocolate?

I rarely eat chocolates but my all-time favorite is chocolate-covered orange truffle.

4. Speaking of songs, what Christmas Carol is following you around this year?

I haven’t been to the malls much and the mall is where I typically hear carols. The last one I sang along bawled to was “Joy to the World”.

5. My question…

What is your family’s tradition on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning?

Have a safe and superfab week, you guys!

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One Comment

  • Lisa

    Christmas Eve, me and the boys open our presents and I always give them pj’s. We act silly and watch Christmas specials, sometimes make cookies and just chill out. They spend Christmas day with their dad.