The story behind that memory card

In my earlier post, Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm commented that she was curious to know the story behind the memory card I gave Steev’s ex-roomie’s Mom for Christmas. I guess a memory card isn’t something you normally think of as a gift.

But me being me, I’m not exactly the best gift shopper in the world so you just never know. To me, gifts are about practicality and the fact that it’s the thought that counts. They don’t have to be expensive, just well thought out and meaningful to the receiver.

Anyhoo, here’s the story. My son, Steev, happened to hear Mrs W mention that she needed a memory card with a larger capacity. When Steev mentioned it to me, I jumped at it *lightbulb moment* – That’s it! A memory card it is! That’ll save me one less gift to crack my head over!

It’s hard enough buying gifts for people you know, let alone people you’ve never even met. We’d never met this family, only heard a lot about them. They sounded like a nice family and I wanted them to have gifts they would really appreciate.

After much deliberation, we managed to find 2 gifts for each of their family and spent the morning wrapping and labeling each one with their names. I mean, you can see how creative we were, right? Bwahaha, okay, you can stop laughing now. Can you guess which was Mrs W’s gift with the memory card? What are your thoughts of a perfect gift?


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