Wednesday Hodgepodge 154

1. Are you doing anything special to mark this season of Advent? If so, please share.


2. Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen…and of course you recall, the most famous reindeer of all…so, which reindeer name best describes you this week?

Dasher. Been dashing around like a crazed woman.

3. What’s worse-too quiet or too loud? Which have you had more of lately?

Too quiet. A little of each.

4. This question comes to you from Zoanna over at A Penchant for Pens-thanks Zo! When you are administratively gifted, how often do you find yourself not trusting less gifted people to do what they’ve committed to do? If you are not so gifted that way, but are reliable, how do you feel when the stronger person (in that area) goes ahead and covers it before giving you a chance to come through?

It’s not always easy to delegate but if it’s someone reliable, I will trust them to carry it through, letting them know I’m there if they need my help. If I’m working with someone who is more knowledgeable than me, I would appreciate having a chance to dive in and try my hand at it.

5. What is your most dreaded task relating to the holidays? Your most looked forward to holiday task?

Most dreaded is the washing up and cleaning. Most welcome, the baking.

6. Facebook has released its list of the ‘most talked about’ topics of 2013. Pope Francis took the number one spot. Does that surprise you? He was followed by election, royal baby, typhoon, and Harlem Shake. Your thoughts? What was your most talked about topic in 2013? (Facebook, around the kitchen table, or wherever it is you talk)

Not surprised Pope Francis won top spot. He’s quite a guy in how he dares to be different in a position that’s steeped in tradition. I respect him for being so down to earth and humble.

In our household, we’ve been talking endlessly about college. There’s been a huge buzz about classes and schedules.

7. What’s something you consider a necessity that others might view as a luxury?

At the end of my grocery run, I like to ‘splurge’ on a cup of coffee at one of those popular outlets. It’s more expensive than regular coffee but I feel like it’s a nice reward for squirreling around crowded grocery aisles all morning.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I’m outta here, more errands to run. Have a great rest of the week, everyone.

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  • Joyce

    Ahh, the college years : ) MIne are both out now, my youngest finished her Master’s in August. It’s a lot of work and money getting there, but it feels incredibly good to see that diploma handed over. Hang in there!