Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 118

Everyday Ruralty
1. If you are celebrating Thanksgiving, what are looking most forward to on Thursday?

The fact that both my daughters will chime in and we can all get this little feast going.

2. My favorite Thanksgiving dish is_________________.

Roast turkey, of course, and cranberry sauce.

3. Do you ever go through periods of time when you get hooked on a specific food?

You’ll remember that for a while, we were hooked on Japanese food, then we had a crush on potatoes (still do, I think).

4. What’s the best stuffing for a turkey?

I’ve always just made the regular bread stuffing with veggies and mushrooms and very little bread. I really should try some other ones 😀 .

5. When you were a child, were you ever in a Thanksgiving play, pageant, mock pilgrim dinner, or anything different to celebrate?

Nope but I’ve seen it in the movies.

Okay, it’s getting late, I’d better get this posted. Happy Thanksgiving, Patrice, Wendell, everyone!

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