A change of pace

I have never been more appreciative of weekends. But these days, it seems my weekdays are so full to overflowing with things to do that I’m generally bummed out by the end of the week.

With that, our weekend routine has changed too. For one thing, we’ve greatly reduced going out. The malls seem to be less attractive these days and we’re basically done with our year’s worth of shopping in Cali this past spring.

Today, we had to make a quick trip to the mall to exchange an item we’d bought. We were in early when the mall opened and out within an hour before the surge of the maddening crowd. What an achievement!

So if we’re not out at the mall, we’re eating out a lot less on the weekend too when the food quality and quantity typically drops. The portions are smaller, and food that’s hurriedly cooked to feed the long lines is never quite as good.

Hibernating is the new cool. We rarely leave the house on weekends. And it’s all good. The joys of lazing around like beached whales and retreating to the cave for that much-deserved afternoon nap. Loving our new weekend routine.

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