Non-stop week

I’ve never been more glad the weekend is here. It’s been a very tricky week, not as in trick or treat-like because I didn’t even realize it was Halloween till yesterday. Back-to-back errands like you cannot imagine put me in a bad mood.

I had to make a trip downtown and if you know me, you know I’m not really big on driving into the city. When I think of the traffic, I just feel like running back into the house and hide. That said, our trip downtown was quite smooth for the most part, given that it was a weekday and all, and we almost made it back without incident…

… save for that heart-stopping moment when we were approaching home and some biker swung out in front of my car and gave me a coronary. It’s beyond me how people can have so little regard for life. The new traffic rule is drive or walk any which way you want to and totally trust someone else to watch out and not hit you.

On Thursday, our week was sweetened by free tickets to the movie Thor, The Dark World. You know we’re always game for a free movie and popcorn. There wasn’t much of a plot to the movie itself so it should be easy for younger kids to follow. For me, it was a chance to sit back in a cool, dark space and not have to think about traffic and lines and bad customer service.

If it hadn’t been so deafening, I might even have gotten away with 40 winks. Thankfully as with most lacklustre movies, the takeaway is that there’s always something to joke and laugh about later. For instance, figuring out what Thor was mumbling about (not that he had that many lines) will definitely be a joke in the Hip household for a while.

Well, I’ve been on my feet all week. Time to kick off my shoes and sit back. Maybe an afternoon nap later.

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