Yo in my space, bro!

Yesterday, on Hodgepodge, when I was ranting about intrusions on personal space, I was thinking about this…

We went to the mall two days in a row last week. Entirely too much for me. It wouldn’t be if not for the people who have made the mall more and more of a turnoff for me. I mean, let’s face it, I’m a shopaholic. Shopping is my thing.

I’m known to shop from opening time right through to closing time. When I’m shopping, I waste no time, I’m on a mission, and I’m lovin’ every minute of it. Go, go, go! But things are different now. Not that I’ve lost my zest for shopping, not at all, but that I hate having my personal space invaded even more.

Case in point, I was browsing some skincare items while my pretties were trying on some nail polish. Along comes a store assistant to ask if he can help, and usually when I smile and mumble “just browsing”, I actually mean, LEAVE ME ALONE!! But no! He sticks to me like stale peanut butter, introducing stuff, explaining discounts, suggesting items that don’t interest me.

I have nothing against pretty boys and that eyeliner looks great on you, by the way, I just don’t like people standing too close to me, no hard feelings!! The fact that I’m merely nodding and sound like I’m choking, not making eye contact (there is no room for me to turn my head) and inching noticeably in the opposite direction should be a big HUGE hint that you’re in MY space, dude. But some people just don’t get it!

Yup, people who have no concept of personal space annoy the heck out of me. Stop standing so close to me, you’re breathing into my hair, spitting on my food, rubbing against my arm. Ew, ew and ew! Oh, and one more thing, if the elevator beeps, it means it’s full, no point squeezing in and standing on my toes! There, I’ve said it. Do I make myself clear? 🙄

You know, sometimes I wonder what I’m doing here. I should be packing up my stuff and moving to an island in the middle of nowhere.

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