A walking, talking loaf of bread

You know how so many of us tweet about, rave about, and oooh about the smell of fresh baking wafting through our kitchen. Well, I’m one of those who takes in an extra deep breath when I walk past Famous Amos who thankfully are so generous with their free smells since their prices are out of my league.

I tell my kids, breathe in deep now ‘cos that’s all you gonna get. If they put on those poor puppy dog eyes, I’ll march them straight home, get elbow-deep in cookie dough and an hour later, we’ll have that amazing smell in our kitchen, plus chocolate chip cookies to boot.

Point is the smell of freshly-bakes is hard to resist and so many of us, including my 2 daughters, have lamented how great it would be if we could just bottle up that smell. Well, some brilliant entrepreneurial types have beat us to it while we were still hunting around for a bottle.

They’ve captured those very scents in a perfume bottle that will have you literally smelling like a walking loaf of freshly baked bread. How ’bout that? Now everyone can tell you’ve been baking. Or fakin’ it? Either way, you’ll wind up smelling delicious.

I think it’s a brilliant idea though if I carried around that aroma of freshly baked bread with me all day, I’d probably be hungry every 2 minutes, not every 2 hours. So how would you like to smell like a loaf of load that’s just walked out of the oven?

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  • Peggy

    That is very interesting, the smell of bread. You are after my heart. I have just learned that I have a sensitivity to gluten and can’t have normal bread. But worse than that, I am allergic to perfumes…. oh my, my bad luck all the way around. But I think it is a great smell.
    I came from Meet and Greet Blog Hop