Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 114

Everyday Ruralty
1. How many animals do you have?

We have one not so little beagle.

2. Have you begun Christmas plans, travel, decorations, crafts, menu, etc.?

The thought has crossed my mind once or twice but none of it has been translated into action yet.

3. Do you celebrate Harvest Season or Halloween?


4. How do you heat your house?

Our house is a natural sauna which means we don’t have to heat it, it heats itself. It’s hot, we’re hot, what can I say? 😀

5. Do you like dishes with white centers or centers with patterns?

I prefer dishes with white centers. The sound of cutlery scrapping on the patterns in the middle, and the thought of the paint being scrapped off (whether or not it actually happens is another story) is enough to give me the shivers.

Thanks, Joyce and have a great week, everyone.

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