Rolling with it

Okay, so I’m sitting here with sweat streaming down my temples like I just turned on the faucet and I’ve got two fans going full blast. I’ve just finished my workout and I’m catching my breath. So I thought I might as well hammer out a quick post to update you guys on what I’ve been up to.

The big news is it rained today, not just rained because we haven’t had a drop in like months, but it poured elephants and monkeys. An electric storm, if you will, with all the light and sound effects of a Halloween movie culminating in a dramatic power blackout that left the neighborhood in darkness.

blackout (image credit:

It is, after all, October and we needed that. The rain, I mean. It’s been so hot and humid we can practically feel the calories melting away. Just sitting at my PC typing and there’s a pool of sweat at my feet. It’s a natural sauna, y’all and it’s free. You can’t beat that.

In other news, I’ve been up to my eyebrows in sorting and shredding. Dare I say our decluttering project is moving along nicely? We’ve certainly made progress. Today, I spent 5 hours at it. It was back-breaking but I’m feeling somewhat accomplished.

Thank goodness too for daughters who cook. HipebDaughter1, who has recently begun cooking solo without her Iron Chef Mom standing behind her, surprised HipebDaughter2 and me with her linguine in creamy sauce with bacon and shrimp. Only the creamy sauce had no cream in it. Isn’t she brilliant?

Oh, and I almost missed picking HipebDaughter2 up from school. I left my phone in the next room and I was so busy sorting I didn’t hear my alarm go off. I had to get my Formula One on in a hurry. Turned out I was 5 minutes early so I really wasn’t late at all.

After such a crazy day, I didn’t think I’d have energy left for my workout. But somewhere between sitting in the dark waiting for the power to come back on and gulping down a cold drink, I convinced myself I didn’t really have an excuse.

If I’d had to brave the storm and drive to the gym, maybe. But I have my modest little gym right here in the next room, exactly three steps away, and if I could slave for 5 hours straight, I can pull a 15 minute workout, right? So yeah!

Now if I could only convince myself to get back to those French lessons pronto!

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