Just your regular grocery run

HipebDaughter1 and I were out and about on a weekday. It wasn’t crowded so we took our time over lunch and were in an incredibly good mood as we walked into the grocery store. And then, bam!

The grocery store had run out of plastic bags. Hello?! People were cradling their fruits and vegetables like babies. We had managed to snag the last few bags before they ran out and people were eyeing us like hungry hyenas.

We got to checkout in one piece, only to be met by an incredibly rude cashier. Who knew such a sweet young thing could be so vile? What was that they say about never judging a book by its cover? Yeah, that!


When she swiped my 2 boxes of cookies, I noticed we were being charged regular price. Yes, I do keep an eagle’s eye on the prices. I have to, after the many times I’ve been ripped off when the prices on the barcode are somehow conveniently higher than those at the shelf. Not cool.

I pointed out the price discrepancy and she gave me an exaggerated eye roll saying that’s the price on the barcode and where did I even get this whole idea? Don’t you just love it when store staff assume you have nothing better to do than stand in line making up prices to kill time?!

Well, I tried not to say anything. But I couldn’t help myself. I think it was the lime juice, much too acidic. So I told her off about the promo price being right there on the shelf. Most other cashiers would’ve run in to check and just rung up the items and we’d be out of there.

But Ms Eye Roll went the extra mile and shoved said items plus promo sticker at us and rudely gestured us to pay for them at Customer Service!! And so for all her trouble, we felt we just HAD to leave her management a glowing report of her stellar performance.

We had to stop and pick up some other things at the grocery store down the street and there were these incredibly long checkout lines. Only 5 out of the umpteen counters were open. So what else is new?

Along comes a little old lady (who incidentally looked and behaved exactly like her) and coolly cut into the line right in front of our cart. Like many queue cutters, she feigned innocence pretending she couldn’t see us or the long line of people who’d been standing there long before her.

So there’s our regular grocery run for ya. Even such a routine thing can be so much fun! Have you ever encountered people like this on your grocery run? Or maybe yours is even more interesting. At any rate, we’d love to hear about it.

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