Monday Quiz 31

Acting BalancedCan’t believe it’s Monday, hope you’re ready for a new week. Here we go…

1. Next Saturday is “Ask a Stupid Question Day”… in preparation for it, please share a stupid question you’ve been asked or would like an answer to…

Oftentimes, when we meet someone we know while we’re eating at a restaurant, it’s quite common for that someone to come up and ask, “Having lunch/dinner?” Duh!!! In my head, my answer would be, “No, washing the car!!” or something stupid like that. Stupid questions get stupid answers 😆 .

2. Do you believe that workplace dressing has become too casual?

Definitely. At work, we want to project a professional image and be taken seriously. To do that, we have to dress the part.

3. What technology is on your wishlist? Is there a technology that hasn’t been invented yet that you want to see happen?

I’m still dreamin’ about that house-cleaning robot. I wish they’d hurry up and get into mass production already. The other thing that would be pretty neat to add to my list is a self-driving car which Google already has zipping around the Bay Area. I can only imagine the joys of letting technology handle the insanity while I sit back and file my nails.

4. September is Honey Month – are you a fan of honey? how do you use it?

Um, yes and no. At one time, I suspected I might be allergic to it so I stayed away. But just last weekend, we were low on maple syrup when we made blueberry pancakes so we ended up using honey instead. Hip2bDaughter2 loved it. Must be that cute bear bottle it comes in 😀 .

5. My question…

If you only had time for one of these, which would you choose – peach cobbler or brisk walk – and why?

Have a great week, everyone and thanks for commenting 😀 .

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