Monday Quiz 30

Acting Balanced1. September 15th was Chicken Lover’s day – what is your favorite way to prepare chicken?

I love roast chicken and, wait for it, fried chicken! I’m not one to eat it and not admit it. It’s no big deal as long as you don’t eat it every day.

2. It is 99 days until Christmas… what are you planning to ask Santa for?

Still making out my list.

3. How long should company stay?

A couple of days and hopefully they won’t expect us to drop everything to entertain them fulltime.

4. What do you consider to be a long trip?

I’ve been doing quite a few 18-hour flights and I’m trying not to think of them as long.

5. My question…

What do your kids do for you when you’re not feeling well? If you don’t have kids, what would your friends/pets/other family members do for you?

Have a great week and thanks for commenting 😀 .

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  • Judy

    I don’t get sick too often. I get phone calls checking up on me however it is D H who helps the most. We take of each other.

  • Marie Rossiter

    Is it really 99 days until Christmas?! Yikes! My “Santa” list fully embraces my geekiness: I want a portable scanner for my desk and the new Disney Infinity game. I love all things tech and Disney is my happy place! 🙂

    When my kids are sick, I tend to spoil them. Let them watch too much tv, feed them what they want (for the most part) and step and fetch for them without complaining–too much! 😉

    Found your blog on BloggyMoms, btw!

  • Suzanne McClendon

    My husband and I take care of each other. The last time I was majorly sick, I needed to be packed in ice in order to breathe. I don’t know why, but it helped. I refused to go to the hospital at that point(I eventually went). My husband, sick himself at the time, walked to a local store in over 100 degree weather many times in order to buy bags of ice to help me.

    On a daily basis, we try to save each other extra work.

    Have a great week!