Not quite so Riddick-ulous

Okay so it’s been raining quite a bit lately. Just this week, it rained free movie tickets, soda and popcorn. Such a lovely surprise. But when we found out the tickets were for “Riddick”, the girls were disappointed. They’d read the reviews (they keep up, I don’t) which weren’t exactly the ravingest. But still, when free Gold Class movie tickets fall from the sky, who can say no, right? Not us, even if the movie’s so bad we end up falling asleep in free air-conditioned comfort, what’s wrong with that?!

So Riddick it was. I have to admit that after hearing what the girls had to say, I went in with pretty low expectations. Indeed I practically snored through the first 20 minutes or so. It was nice and cool and the seats were extra wide and comfy, okay? Who can blame a girl for catching up on her beauty sleep?… although if Paul Walker had been Riddick, I probably would’ve stayed up 😉 .


Not that Vin Diesel isn’t cute. He is, very, even when they make his eyes glow like some kind of starry-eyed hyena on a dark night, … and that physique, hmm 😉 . Anyhoo, in the beginning, there was nothing but brown landscape (think “Mad Max” from ages ago, remember that brownness?) where Riddick fights for survival with only a hyena-like dog (see, I knew there was a connection) for company.


I was beginning to think this was going to be one of those two-actor (a guy and his CGI hyenadog) movies when, surprise, 11 bounty hunters arrive in their spaceships looking for Riddick. Make that 10 men and 1 woman (strange that there are always so few women on other planets, what’s up with that?). Between Riddick and said bounty hunters trying to outsmart each other, I stayed wide awake.

Forget the reviews, the movie wasn’t half bad. It turned out to be much more exciting than what I expected. I liked it. Lots of action but be warned, lots of violence and colorful language too. For those who rate this movie “rotten tomatoes”, let me just say, this couldn’t be any worse than “Loopers” (the one we walked out on) or “Oblivion”. At the very least, this one rocks Vin Diesel.

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  • deb

    Wow! Are we of different opinions…LOL! But thats ok…its what makes the world go
    around. IMHO the first 20 minutes of Riddick was the best part of the whole movie! After
    the reviews we had some doubt too but once the dog showed up it was GREAT. It took a nose dive when the mercenaries showed up but still all in all a good movie.

    We LOVED Oblivion and enjoyed Loopers although not as much. We hope Tom
    Cruise makes more Sci Fi movies….. Anyway to each their own i guess.