Accidental apple tarts

Apparently my kids lurve apple pies and I didn’t know it. How could I have missed it? Reason is probably this, of all the times the McD’s free apple pie disappears in a flash, I just assumed it was because it was just there and someone had to eat it. But apparently, it was because they love apple pies. Why didn’t someone say so?!! I always tell my kids, if there’s something you like to eat, tell me and I’ll make it for you.

So I will make apple pies if that’s what my kids love. It’s easy enough. But you know what, I ended up making apple tarts instead 😆 .


On the day I was supposed to make apple pies, I came across these super-small, super-cute premade tart shells in the store. It was fate, I tell ya 😀 . So what did I do? Grab a box, of course, they’re too cute. True, I much prefer baking from scratch so I can control the ingredients. But I’m also a sucker for shortcuts and if there’s a premade version that passes my tastebud test, I wouldn’t pass it up. Would you?

The apple filling is merely cutting up a few Granny Smiths, adding sugar to taste and cooking it on medium low till it all comes together. Fill up those pretty little tart shells, shake some cinnamon on top and bake. These came out so good they were all gone even as they were sitting there to cool.

Those darling tart shells are really good, not sweet at all (which I so love) and the fact that they’re so small means they’re a pop a mouthful and they go really, really fast! I ended up going back to get 15 more boxes (of 10 tart shells each) to make a ton more to satiate those raging teen appetites. I also made some pineapple tarts so everyone’s happy 😀 .


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