Wednesday Hodgepodge 140

1. What’s something you’re never too young or too old to enjoy?

Music, good food, Disneyland.

2. Share one happy memory from your high school years.

I went on a girlguide camping trip by the sea where we put up a campfire, sat around, played games and sang, had cookout contests, took turns on the night watch, well, it was a whole lot of fun and laughs. Good times!

3. A nationwide strike of fast food employees took place in parts of the U.S. last week…they’re calling for higher wages and the right to unionize? Your thoughts?

I haven’t been following this and I don’t know all the details. But I think people should be paid competitive market rates.

4. September is National Honey Month…what’s a favorite dish you make or eat that calls for honey?

It goes on my pancakes when I run out of maple syrup.

5. If you notice someone with a tag sticking out, a button unbuttoned, a shirt on inside-out, or some leftover lunch stuck between their teeth, do you say something or do you keep quiet?

It depends who the person is. If it’s someone close to me, obviously I will tell them. If it’s a stranger, maybe not. I’ve once pointed out to a woman that her skirt was unzipped in the back and she gushed with gratitude. I’ve done that with other people, and let’s just say that with some people, all you get are blank stares. If saying thanks is too difficult, a simple acknowledgement would be nice 🙄 .

6. What movie always makes you cry? Or at least makes you feel like crying?

You know what, I honestly can’t think of any right now although I’m sure there must be one or two.

7. ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ was written in May of 1830, and published in Juvenile Miscellany in September of that same year. Now for the fun part…create your own four line rhyme using that same tune.

Busy is as busy gets, busy gets, busy gets / Busy is as busy gets, Be sure to have a blast.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Big hugs and thanks to Frantic Mama who honored me with the Liebster Award. Seriously how often do I get an award?! 😀 It’s amazing how even a seemingly little thing, like a virtual award, can make some of us happy. And speaking of happy, the girls and I have decided we should hug more. We hug only when we need cheering up but that’s not nearly often enough. We get caught up in the daily rush, no time to stop for hugs. So now we’re making a conscious effort to hug just because. You know it, hugs are good for the soul, go hug someone today and tell them Clairity sent you, haha! 😉

Big hugs and thanks to Joyce also for coming up with these fabulous questions each week, amazing! Have a great one, everyone, thanks for commenting and hope to see you soon.

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