Monday Quiz 28

Hello September and another mundane weekend in the city, yawn! Thank goodness for the Monday Quiz.

Acting Balanced1. September is National Library Card month – when was the last time you checked a book out of the library?

The last time would be when I was in college. I do most of my reading off the internet.

2. What are you most looking forward to about autumn?

If I were in Cali right now, I would be looking forward to Thanksgiving. But right now, I have nothing but a long to-do list to work through. Wish me luck.

3. Has the word Christmas entered your vocabulary yet?

Yeah, been having a few chills, good chills, just thinking about it 😀 .

4. Do you care that Football season is starting? Who is your team?

I’m blissfully oblivious.

5. Your question…

I read that some restaurants in the US, and recently a mall in Australia are cracking down on screaming, poorly-behaved children. What are your thoughts about kids unleashed in public spaces?

That’s it from me. Thanks for commenting and have a great week 😀 .

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  • Kathy

    Out-of-control children drive me crazy, ESPECIALLY in public places! Kudos to the places for ‘cracking down’, since the kids parents apparently won’t!

  • blueyes

    Honestly I have no tolerance for screaming kids anywhere. The shrieking grates on my nerves bad. I am a twin and my mother refused to bring us to any restaurant until we were old enough to behave and stay silent. I actually didn’t know there was a law about this though.

  • Lisa

    I hate when parents allow their children to run wild in restaurants while I’m struggling to teach mine why manners are so important. Good for them.

  • Wayne

    It is hard with children because even the best parents can have moments. Add to that having a special needs child and these places are just asking for a lawsuit.

  • Suzanne McClendon

    I think that people should keep their children under control. Crying babies are one thing and can’t be helped. Letting one’s little ones run all over carrying on like a bunch of hooligans is a whole ‘nother story. My siblings and I didn’t carry on like that; we would have gotten “what for” right quick if we had. We wouldn’t have been able to sit down for awhile. My children knew not to behave like that, too. It isn’t that difficult to train a child to be a little gentleman or little lady in public and we managed to do it without causing them difficulty sitting down. 🙂

    Have a great week!

  • Lizzy Allan

    Hi Clairity! Hmmm, that question is definitely some great food for thought. I know it’s horrible when you spend good money on a special treat going out in a restaurant and that moment is ruined because a couple refused to insist that their child behaves, but on the other hand, it’s normal that kids get cranky and misbehave when they’re tired, so it’s a tricky one. I can imagine that some pretty interesting situations would arise from this … if restaurant owners insisted that a family leave their restaurant because their kids were disruptive would they also insist that the family pay for their food before leaving? I can imagine that would not go down too well!! Thanks for opening up an interesting debate 🙂