Sweet escapades

Okay, so I’m not exactly the most adventurous person in the world when it comes to food and I’m not big on dessert either. But blazing hot days can make you order things you wouldn’t ordinarily order.


Like this jasmine jelly dessert, for instance. I usually skip the dessert pages on the menu. But as I was flipping through, this picture caught my eye. It was hot out and all I could think about was downing something nice and cool.

This transparent jelly topped with a solitary jasmine bud looked like the answer. I’m not sure how jasmine jellies are supposed to go. Never had one before but this made me squirm. Sickly sweet and slightly bitter at the same time, the taste of jasmine was overpowering.


Another hot day, I found myself ordering a bowl of tortoise shell jelly. I’ve tasted this before some years ago, courtesy of my dad’s friend. I’ll be the first to admit I have no clue if this jelly contains real tortoise shell or if it’s just a fancy name.

But eating this definitely invoked images of some poor tortoise making its way ever so slowly across the desert without its natural sun protection. This jelly isn’t half bad. I like it, fancy name and all 😀 ! Served straight out of the fridge, it has a subtle bitterness that jives well with honey.


By far, these black sesame balls are my favorite. Raine first ordered these and we’re so glad she did. These super-delicious peanut-coated balls filled with a not-too-sweet black sesame paste are pure genius. So addictive too.

So how often do you order dessert? What exotic desserts have you tried lately? Would you order them again?

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