Decluttering project

We’re into week 2.375 of Project Declutter. It’s back-breaking work. We complain a lot about the heat mostly. We’d rather be surfing the net but since everyone’s home, there’s no better time to get down and dusty. Motivation is a major challenge though.

But here’s the trick. We reward ourselves not for the job we’ve done, but for the job we’re about to do. It throws the psychology completely off but it works. Every morning, we head out and treat ourselves to a good lunch. It’s like charging our batteries.


Right after we get home from lunch afterwards, the kids don face masks and gloves, roll up their sleeves and turn the house upside down, sorting through old toys, books, clothes, … to be boxed, given away or sold. Lots of oohs, aahs and OMGs as they discover old and treasured favorites, long forgotten.

It’s taken a few afternoons to sort through the truckloads of Lego we have. It’s really hard to discard anything because the pieces are still in such good condition and you simply can’t get Lego made in Germany any more. We checked out the Lego store the other day and the quality is definitely not what it used to be.


Same goes for many of the toys. They’re all sturdy plastics and many of the mechanical parts still work. So unless they’re broken, faulty or unwanted, everything stays. To be honest, I find it pointless giving them away because some people are so rich these days they buy everything new. I once gave some perfectly good kiddy stuff to my estranged SIL and she probably tossed them in the trash the minute we turned our backs because I never saw any of it again.

Then there are the books. Considering that House Rule #289 says we are only allowed to buy story books during book sales, we’ve still managed to accumulate a huge collection. I think we’re going to end up keeping many of the cherished favorites the kids grew up with. The English and story lines in the oldies are way better than the newer series out there.


So here we are. Obviously we can’t keep everything or it won’t be a decluttering project. The stuff that’s really hard to part with, we’re taking pictures to keep for remembrance. We’re doing a little every day. It’s hard to decide what goes and what stays. But we’re taking the time to laugh and reminisce. There really are so many, many fond memories associated with each and every piece.

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  • Anne Marie

    Decluttering is a life long project. I saved all my son’s books and then gave them back to him when his son was born. It was really great to be able to pass them on to the next generation. Found you thru The Meet and Greet Blog Hop. Now following via GFC and Bloglovin. Hope you can stop by my blog as well.

    Anne Marie

  • Brittnei

    Hey there! I wonder about whether or not people actually use my stuff when I give it away sometimes as well. What I’ve started doing is putting clothes and shoes we don’t wear anymore in the goodwill bin! 🙂 Found your blog from the Linkin with my ladies hop! Following you on blog lovin’ and social media now!!

    • Clairity

      Yup, earlier this summer, we sent a few carloads of stuff to Goodwill. The lady who works there knows us now from seeing us drive up so often 😀 .