Monday Quiz 26

Acting Balanced1. Apparently today is International Homeless Animal Day. Have you ever adopted an animal friend for your household?

We have Tyson, the most devastatingly handsome beagle on the planet, but he wasn’t a homeless adoption 😀 . In fact, his dad was a beauty king (as in beauty queen, beauty king, get it?).

2. How do you adjust to changes in your daily routine?

I just try to roll with it. I rely heavily on my alarms to get me through the day. When there are changes, they’re the first things that get reset and then… hopefully, the rest of the stuff will all fall into place.

3. Which social media platform do you like best? Which one do you like least?

I like Twitter best and Facebook least. I don’t have a Facebook account (I know, don’t tell anyone). Why not? Mostly because I’m a geek and geeks have issues with technology that other people don’t care about. As one very smart mom was saying, oh I don’t blog much any more because I don’t like to put our lives out there, I’d rather post everything on Facebook so only my friends can see. And I’m like, oh how brilliant!! 🙄

4. How do you decide, ‘what’s for dinner?’

School night dinners are pretty mundane around here. Unless I already have something in mind to cook, first thing I do is rummage through the fridge/freezer looking for leftovers and possible combinations of whatever I have on hand to make up a recipe. Sometimes I ask the kids for suggestions.

5. My question…

What are the first few things you do in your morning routine?

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  • Cathy

    I try to make the first thing I do reading my Bible. It really does seem to make my day better. However, I don’t always accomplish this. If I get up late, I have to let it go until later in the day.