10 hours straight

If I was completely sleepless on the flight to San Francisco, I was completely knocked out all the way back. No sleeping pills. No alcohol. Nothing. Barely had we settled down to watch the live feed of the plane taxiing down the runway for takeoff when I was out like a lightbulb. Gone to Lalaland. Just like that. Into the deepest and sweetest of slumbers…

… only to be awakened by a faint nudge from Raine to signal that dinner, or supper (not that it mattered which) was being served. I stayed awake – barely – just long enough to down a few bites of that chicken cacciatore which I didn’t even taste, by the way. And then I was gone again.


I’m not sure if sleep is a strong enough word to describe such sweet, uninterrupted slumber. Except for a couple of zombie trips to the bathroom, I slept for 10 straight hours… on a 12-hour flight!! I awoke refreshed but famished, and just in time for this breakfast which, as airplane food goes, wasn’t half bad. Maybe I was super-hungry but that muffin was yums, not to mention the tubs of ice-cream they served afterwards. Can you imagine airplanes serving Haagen-Dazs? I love it!


All through breakfast and my second cup of coffee, I was glued on Identity Thief. Jason Bateman is the genius cutie (still have a leftover crush on him!) but I found Melissa McCarthy super-annoying! Even more annoying was that 10 minutes till the end of the movie, our dear pilot took my movie off the air saying he was preparing to land. Heck, I got 10 more minutes to go, why don’t you just circle around? Bummer.


So that was that. I didn’t get to see the ending. Bleh, but I was in no mood to complain since I got nicely caught up on beauty sleep and that’s all I cared about 😀 .

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