A stroke of nature’s paintbrush

I wanted to share with you something wondrous that I saw yesterday. In a place of constant construction and obstructed views, it’s rare to see a rainbow. Or even a part of one.


Let’s just say, I couldn’t stop taking pictures. It’s been too long since I last saw a rainbow, we rarely ever step outside. But it’s good to know they’re beautiful as ever.

Where does a rainbow start? Hip2bDaughter2 asked. I said the first thing that came to mind. Where the unicorn starts running. And where does it end? Where the unicorn stops. Her questions made me tingle momentarily with delight. I was transported back to the magical years when my kids were in their inquisitive twos and they would test me 100 times a day with their ‘wh’ questions and wait wide-eyed for my answers.

Aren’t rainbows magicalĀ and isn’t Mother Nature quite the artist?

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