Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 105

1. Have you ever baked bread from scratch?

I do from time to time. I love the smell of freshly baked bread permeating the house. I have a small mixer which doesn’t do the job of kneading very well so I usually get in there and give my arms a workout. Bread really does taste better when you add in a few drops of perspiration, did you know that? 😉 And I do need to get a bigger mixer!


2. If we decided to have lunch on the porch, and you so kindly volunteered to fix it (thank you). What would you serve?

Here’s my signature BOT sandwich with avocado mayo, fresh coconut juice served in nature’s own packaging, and my homemade chocolate chip cookies. Hope you enjoy this simple, refreshing meal for a hot day 😉 .


3. Show us, or tell us about your key chain ( the thing you have on your car or house keys).

I got this on my trip to Disneyland last year. Mickey goes everywhere with me now.


4. Have you ever tried a challenging or dangerous sport? No. I don’t mean rush hour traffic, but I understand the confusion. 🙂

The most ‘dangerous’ sport for me would be squash, or racquet ball. I used to be quite the enthusiast, never missing a session after work.

5. Have you ever written poetry? If not, have you ever had anyone write a poem for you? If you aren’t happy with this question, we’ll even accept a “Roses are red…” poem.

I wrote poetry in high school. Most of them were secretly scrawled out under my desk to prank my teachers and they would somehow find their way around the class and get everyone into giggling fits. One of my teachers found out once and had me stand up and read it out loud to the whole class in an effort to punish/embarrass me, I guess. Turned out the class loved it and burst out laughing, and the teacher wasn’t pleased 😆 .

I had fun with today’s questions, thanks, Patrice. Have a great week, everyone and thanks for commenting.

Everyday Ruralty

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