Happy tummies at Yoshino’s

Six teams of horses couldn’t keep me away from Yoshino’s. I’ve been patronizing this place since my college days and it’s really an amazing feeling to be able to take my kids there now to eat where I used to eat like 20 years ago.

We went to Yoshino’s three times so that must really say something about how much I love their food, and prices. Their Calamari Rings are soft and succulent, and even though we know full well that their mains are huge, we can still never resist ordering this.


This dragon roll is a must for us. Look at the length of it, all 10 rolls of it, and that jumbo shrimp as the head and tail. Normally I don’t like to mention prices, I don’t have anything to prove, but I’ll make it an exception this time because this delicious dragon roll the length of the Amazon River is only $12!


Compare that with what we’re used to here. The most we get are a measly 3 or 4 rolls with an inedible shrimp head and tail for probably the same price or more. See the difference!


I had their lunchtime Teriyaki Special every time in the 3 times we’ve been there. I tend to stay away from teriyaki anything because I’ve always known it to be extremely salty. Not this teriyaki chicken. I’m totally converted. The chicken is succulent and the teriyaki sauce is sweet and actually fragrant. The salad is just out of this world as is everything else. And this entire bento box the width of a shopping cart for a freaking’ $12. Now tell me this is not the most incredible deal for a most incredible meal ever!


If you know me from reading this blog, you know I’m one extremely picky diner and I don’t sing praises very often at all. But as you can see, the servings are huge and they don’t skimp on quality. See why we couldn’t stay away? And in case you’re wondering, they’re not paying me to say any of this. It’d be nice if they would but hey, all I’m sayin’ is that this is my all-time favorite Japanese joint, that’s all 😀 .

By the way, Yoshino’s was the only Asian food I ate in over a month. Just this, nothing else. Asian food is great and everything, just that if it’s there, I’ll eat it; if it’s not, I won’t necessarily miss it 😉 .

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