Wednesday Hodgepodge 134

1. July 24th is Amelia Earhart Day. Earhart was the first female to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. What’s something you’ve recently accomplished solo?

I’ve jetted halfway across the planet several times on my own. I’m also known to camp overnight at airports all by my lonesome waiting for my next flight out 😆 . Yeah, I know, the things I do for fun, right?!!

2. What’s one product you use that never ever fails?

Warning, this is going to sound like an ad for Levi’s except I ain’t getting paid to say this. For 2 whole years, I was like Anderson Cooper with only 1 pair of jeans to my name… which I wore everywhere every day through sun, rain and fog and halfway across the world, and hardly ever washed (okay, this last part, you didn’t have to know). Suffice to say, said pair of jeans is still good as new and still the love of my life legs. It was only last month that I added 4 new pairs of Levi’s to my wardrobe so said pair could get a break and a nice wash.

3. Have you found your place in the world? Where is it?

Still lookin’ and it’ll likely be a cool place by the ocean with a completely different outlook, lots of exciting things to do, and my kids close by.

4. Worst movie you ever saw?

We slept through Oblivion and The Tourist. ’nuff said.

5. What’s the last fun thing you did?

I attended Steev’s college graduation in May and we celebrated by driving to San Francisco, Monterey and Carmel. What a blast!

6. The month of July is named for Roman Emperor Julius Caesar…ever been to Rome? What’s your favorite Italian dish?

When I do get to Rome one day, I’m pulling all the stops on pastas of all kinds.

7. What is one piece of advice you’d offer new mom Kate Middleton?

Ah, she doesn’t need my advice. She’ll have entire steering committees meeting 24 hours a day to decide on motherhood’s best practices carefully tailored to her every need, and a horde of nannies and supporting staff at her disposal. I’d say she’s in fairly good hands.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

A wonderful aroma greets me as I zombie down to the kitchen at 6 in the morning, and on my plate is this… made with a sprinkling of pixie dust by my 2 lovelies.


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  • Judy

    I only owned one pair of jeans in my lifetime – I was 16 years old and didn’t like them, maybe I should have tried Levis.

  • tina

    Oh, pancakes!! Yummy!!… As for the movies, I never saw Oblivion, nor The Tourist.. Thanks for the warning, and have a great week! ~tina

  • Nani

    I have read that denim was made to be durable and that jeans actually last longer and are more comfortable if you wash them less. You probably don’t want to let them go long enough that they can walk on their own, but it’s better for them if you skip a few washings! You’re good; you probably love them so much because you “take care” of them the way they are actually meant to be cared for! 🙂