Monday Quiz 23

Acting Balanced1. Wednesday, July 24th is Drive Thru day – do you have any drive thrus that you have a hard time passing?

None that I can think of.

2. Other than signing your name, when was the last time you physically wrote something?

Today I wrote up something for Hip2bDaughter2. I scribble in my lil notebook all the time.

3. What was the first movie you saw in a movie theater? the latest one?

The latest was Iron Man 3. Or was it Oblivion? See, I can’t even remember the last one so let’s not bother with the first 😆 .

4. Have you ever visited Disney?

Yup, lotsa times and I love it every time.

5. My question…

Do you doodle? If you do, what’s your favorite thing to doodle, and when?

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