Same name, only better

We eat at Chili’s quite often (well, we used to) so it’s not like we absolutely had to eat at Chili’s while on vacation. In fact, I’d rather try something different. But sometimes, you go with what’s nearest and most convenient, and you might just surprise yourself that even though the name of the restaurant is the same, the menu choices and customer service is so much better.

We ordered the Bottomless Tostada Chips. This generous bowl of guac was rich, tasty and the avocado was chunky in sharp contrast to the chips which were thin and crispy. Heaven!


Compare that with the wallpaper-textured chips at the local Chili’s which comes with only salsa. You want guac, dream on 😐 !!


I had to have my pasta. The Cajun Pasta is penne with creamy garlic Alfredo sauce and chicken marinated in Cajun spices. Loved it. It was rich and creamy yet full of flavor.


Mango-Chile Chicken is new on their menu. I usually steer clear of ordering anything that comes with rice. I mean, what’s with the rice? I went over a month without rice and I still didn’t miss it.

But this rice was so beautifully cooked you could see the individual grains, and it had a subtle fragrance. The chile-seasoned chicken topped with spicy mango vinaigrette and “their mango salsa prepared with house-made pico de gallo and avocado” was refreshing. And look at that mountain of steamed broccoli, green and soft.


Compare that with this local serving of Chili’s chicken with… can you spot the 2 pathetically yellowed, overcooked pieces of broccoli? Ya, that!

barbecue chicken

Anyhoo, to finish off our meal in style, my kids suggested ordering this. Ta-da, the oven-baked Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie topped with a rich vanilla ice cream. Personally I’ve never seen a cookie this size. Such sweet decadence that my waistline says ouch 😉 .


But it’s all good. We tucked it all in. Such a great meal with (surprise!) no leftovers!

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