Dinner at Applebee’s

After a full day of shopping, we needed a place to plonk our tired selves down, grab a bite to eat and then continue shopping till they chase us out of the store at closing time. Applebee’s was conveniently nearby so we went for it. There was a good crowd but they managed to find us a table right away.

We ordered the 2 for $20 which comes with 1 appetizer + 2 main dishes (I think). The onion rings came with 2 dips, ranch and barbecue.


We had the Chicken Tenders which were okay as chicken tenders go.


And the Bourbon Street Chicken and Shrimp which Raine swears is the best thing ever and she would definitely go back for more of the same!


And the Lemon Shrimp Fettucine that came with lots of shrimp and tasted pretty good.


The servings were plenty for us and we went away with a box of leftover chicken tenders and onion rings. They kept well in the fridge at the hotel and even after more than a day later, they still tasted pretty good when we reheated them at home. A little greasy but still edible.

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