Squirrels’ playground

A sweltering afternoon finds us sitting on a campus bench hiding from the sun when a little squirrel comes prancing our way. Totally unexpected. As I stand to take a picture of him, I’m taken aback when he scampers right up to me, stares me in the eyeball, and tilts his head as if to ask, now who the heck are you?! 😯

“He thinks you might have food for him,” Raine chuckles from the bench. Darn right she is. Wish I had some walnuts or pecans in my bag to share with him 🙁 .


Pretty soon, his friend sneaks up on him and they start chasing each other around in sprightly play. We may as well be transparent. They pay no attention to us. Nope, these guys are so used to being in the midst of thousands of students, they aren’t the least bit worried about us. In fact, it seems we are the ones intruding on their playground.


So this prancing and playing goes on, up and down the spacious grounds, back and forth under the trees and into the bushes.


Watching them, it got me thinking. Life as a squirrel seems to be all fun and games. Lazy summer days spent without a care in the world. Living life the way it’s supposed to be 🙂 .

Have a safe Fourth of July!

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