Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 100

Everyday Ruralty
1. What’s the best advice anyone ever gave you?

Don’t run, walk. And then someone else told me, don’t walk, run! So who do I listen to?

2. Do you have houseplants?

If plants could water themselves and remember to take their fertilizer pills every morning, maybe I would.

3. Do mosquitoes bother you or leave you alone?

They love me but the feeling is not mutual.

4. What’s your favorite charity? If you have one.

It would definitely be something animal-related. I miss the annual blogathon where I blogged for the SPCA. I participated for like 2 years, it was so much fun and then they shut down the blogathon.

5. Do you like mint? Which variety is your favorite?

I like peppermint but I prefer spearmint because it’s spicier.

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  • Sherri

    I think the skeeter love everyone today, me included. Your advise is very confusing, I guess you use which ever one is relevant for the situation 😆 Have a blessed week 😛 PS. I love your smileys

  • Becky

    I usually kill houseplants. The one I’ve had the longest is 18 years old. I got it from my daddy’s funeral. There were two like it, and my brother said he wanted one because they’re almost impossible to kill. I immediately said I wanted the other one. It’s been through a lot, but is still alive.