Shopped till we dropped, literally

There was no way we could go to San Francisco without working in a bit of retail therapy. Okay, so a bit is a bit of an understatement. First off, the Memorial Day sales are not to be missed. Second of all, this spree constitutes our entire year’s worth of shopping. Once we get our hands on everything our hearts desire, we’re done… for this entire year!


We snagged a few, only about a dozen pairs of Levi’s jeans (the only brand our family officially wears, for some strange reason), a dozen pairs of shoes (including a pair of Chinese Laundry for myself hohoho), and I-have-no-idea-how-many tops, hoodies and lingerie. This is part of the stash. I don’t think we did too badly 😆 .


Shopaholics are ingenious at figuring out ways to trick their minds into believing there’s always room for more shopping. So here’s what we did. We would unpack and put away each day’s shopping so when we woke up the next day, it’s like we’d not even started shopping and then we’d be off again, completely guilt-free 😆 .

But first, we had to make room in our suitcase. To do that, we donated several suitcasefuls of unused (I won’t say old because some of the clothes were practically brand new and had not been worn) clothing to Goodwill. At least we know whatever we can’t use is going to a good cause. This is the first of the suitcases we dropped off.


Next, we ordered 2 more big suitcases online. All in all, we’re very happy with our haul. One of the best ever. Love the prices and quality, and the cool weather that didn’t tire us out. Man, do I love a productive shopping spree! And so we’re done shopping for the year. Yep, you heard me! Done for the rest of the year. How’s that for self-control, huh? 😉

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