Can’t get enough of San Francisco

Just ahead of Memorial Day weekend, we took a road trip to San Francisco. Yes, you heard me – a road trip. This from a person who does not drive long distance, period, but when I’m in Cali, I’m a whole different animal. This is one place where I could do road trips every day. The roads are safe, barely any idiotic drivers to stress over, no toll, the radio stations rock and the scenery is awesome 😀 .


San Francisco is beautiful this time of year. The weather is chilly, windy and sunny all at the same time. Here we are, approaching the Golden Gate Bridge which stands as majestic as when I last left it. Not a big parking lot here and it was full. Still we managed to get a parking spot within 10 minutes. Now tell me, how amazing is that!


A short drive from the Golden Gate Bridge is the Palace of Fine Arts. It was love at first sight for me when I visited it during my college days. I’m a sucker for Greek and Roman architecture, what can I say? I could sit on a park bench and soak in the beauty of the fountain, swans and the buildings themselves for hours… and I’ve done it before too. The people who live in the homes just across the street are so-ooo lucky.


We made a quick stop at Fisherman’s Wharf which is a lot busier than before, partly because the road running through it is now under construction. We walked around looking for my regular clam chowder joint but couldn’t find it *sobs*. But we did chance upon a sub (not the kind they serve at Subway). This was the real thang, the USS Pampanito, docked so close to shore I could stretch out my hand and touch it, almost.


I’ve been to San Francisco countless times, yet its roller-coaster roads and oh-so-cute homes never fail to mesmerize me. They’re even prettier at night when the lights are on and you can get a sneak peek of the cozy insides.


Can you tell that I love San Francisco, “the city that rocks, the city that never stops, we built this city….”? No? Well, okay 😀 .