Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 97

Everyday Ruralty
1. How many times a week do you have a green or veggie salad?

Not as often as I should, and I probably should get down to eating more greens. For a start, I’m thinking of my salmon sashimi salad with roasted sesame dressing. Mmm, yums!

2. Do you pray? (You may skip this if you do not wish to answer.)

Being that I’m a mom with kids, prayer is never far from my lips.

3. What season is your birthday? You do not need to give us the date.

Wait, is it safe to put out information like this?

4. Do you have dinner guests often, every now and then or not at all? Wendell says he can be there for dinner as quick as a wink!

Not often at all though I do get a kick out of planning and cooking for a group. If Wendell’s planning on coming over, I always have carrots in the fridge, easy peasy.

5. Could you describe yourself as a DIY- Do It Yourselfer?

For me, DIY is a great way to recycle, save money and get the creative juices flowing. Okay, I’ll just admit that I like making up my own version of stuff so they’ll be different than everyone else’s.

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