Hip to be #Shopping – For the #Superman #daddy this #FathersDay

Superman Icon Pose iPhone 5 Snap Case

Superman stands tall and proud as he surveys the Metropolis skyline on our Superman Icon Pose iPhone 5 Snap Case. He looks more than a little frustrated too…almost as though he’s deciding where he’d get the best reception with his old time-y 3G phone a problem you probably never face with your nice new iPhone 5.

Protect that phone with this Superman case from quality phone cover manufacturer Coveroo crafted with their patented high color bonding technique blending heat adhesive and the highest quality inks available to ensure that the Man of Steel won’t flake peel or fade from this iPhone 5 case.

The one-piece polycarbonate design of this “Thinshield” Superman Icon Pose iPhone 5 Snap Case snaps on for easy installation and won’t come between you and any of your iPhone 5’s features or controls!

Superman Man of Steel Out of the Sun T-Shirt

This 100% cotton Superman Man of Steel Out of the Sun T-Shirt shows off Superman after someone has stolen his freshly cooked pizza-minis. Very few people have the gall to steal from the Man of Steel so my guess is that it is probably that General Zod Michael Shannon.

That guy is just creepy and to be honest, I think anybody else would have left those pizza minis slide. Not Superman though…he’s on the warpath and he put his image on the Superman Man of Steel Out of the Sun T-Shirt. With the sun to his back and eyes glowing, Superman craves vengeance.

Superman Costume Plastic Travel Mug

The Superman Costume Plastic Travel Mug gains super powers when exposed to…um…coffee! Yes the “Man of Caffeine” yearns to protect the modest citizens of this Earth and uses his extraordinary powers in this regard.

Oh, wait, you know DC Comics’ Superman by something else? The “Man of Steel”? I think that was just for publicity reasons…his real power is an over abundance of coffee.

The yellow sun thing is all smoke and mirrors. Jokes aside, this great Superman Costume Plastic Travel Mug is in the likeness of the Man of Steel and will probably give you super powers. Just make sure that coffee is strong enough.

Superman Figure Cooking Apron

This black cooking apron features the partial illustrated figure of…SUPERMAN! Yeah! You know Superman can deflect 10000 foot tall tidal waves. You know Superman can punch robotic moons across uncharted galaxies.

But did you know…that Superman can cook? Of course he can. And everything he makes tastes….super! HAH! This Superman cooking apron also features a neck strap and 2 ties around the back for a secure fit. Dad will be proud to be seen strutting this on Barbecue Night.

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