Monday Quiz 16

Acting Balanced1. How much do you trust the media in their reporting? Are there certain media outlets you trust or distrust more?

If I say I don’t read the papers, does that tell you something? I think after a while, you pretty much get an idea of which sources you can trust and which ones you can’t.

2. I just found out that May is National Egg Month… who knew… how do you like your eggs?

I like my eggs completely cooked through. There’s just no way I would touch a runny egg. Lately we’ve been having our omelets with diced onions, sliced jalapeno, button mushrooms and bratwurst sausages.

3. What have you written in the past six months that you are proud of?

I haven’t actually written much.

4. Where are you in your spring cleaning?

We still have a ways to go but we’re getting there.

5. My question…

What kind of tipper are you and what do you typically based your tip on?

Hope you’re all having a great Memorial weekend.

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  • Judy

    We base our tips on 15%. Since the cruise lines introduce automatic tipping we are pleased to pay.

  • Thrifty Country Girl

    I think I am a reasonable tipper. I base my tip amount on the service I get. I don’t base it on the food quality since the server has no control over that and I don’t base it on the amount of the meal since the price you pay for the meal in no way decides the type of service you get. So my servers get tipped based on how well they did.

  • Wayne

    I am a professor of Hospitality and Tourism… I tend to over tip a lot because of the nature of the industry. Though I do tend to also be pickier about the service quality and will speak up more than others too.

  • blueyes

    I’d say I’m a generous tipper. The local place I used to live at before they shut it down, I’d sometimes tip half the check because the prices were so cheap. I never tip less than $5 there.