Flurry in a no-fly zone

As I’m writing this post, Steev and Raine are in the bathroom battling a fly that had somehow gotten in. I’m hearing animated shouts of “Okay, okay, I see it! It’s here! Oh no, it’s gone. Can you see it? No, can you? Oh, oh, there, there it is! Shhh, wait, where’d it go? Here , see it? No, where? Okay, don’t move, I think it can sense you!”

Hilarious if you’re not the one in there. Frustrating if you are.

This is the second fly episode we’ve had this week. The weather is hot, no doubt but the windows in the apartment are all screened so we really have no idea how errant flies get in.

Knowing us and how much we hate flies (and insects, in general), there’s just no way we can have a fly in the house and not do anything about it. We don’t own any fly swats or zappers but Steev has insect stickers here and there to trap the pesky creatures. Still! We don’t usually set out to kill any of these insects but on occasion, the inevitable does happen.

In fact, in Fly Episode No. 1, we successfully got not 1, but 2 flies to leave gracefully via the window after a whole lot of waving, shooing and dancing around the living room on our part.

In Fly Episode No. 2, however, because the fly was trapped in the confines of the bathroom, there’s limited space to wave and jump around. It was unfortunate the fly got smacked in the process. But at least, we can all rest easy tonight knowing we won’t be sharing the bathroom with an uninvited guest.

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