Two days of spring and hoping for more

Yesterday and today, we had the most beautiful spring weather. This is spring as I know and love it. It gets light about 5:00 in the morning and there’s nothing like waking up to greyish skies and a visible breeze sending the trees swaying to one side outside.

In recent days, Mother Nature seems to be playing tricks, skipping out on spring and those totally amazing days of 60-80s in favor of the summer-like 90s and 100s.

Back in college, I would brave the 60’s temperatures by wearing shorts to class. The 60s are crisply cool but bearable to be out in shorts + sweater, or just jeans + t-shirt which is what I wore yesterday when we headed out to the mall.


No sign of the sun and temperatures in the 70s. The flowers were in full bloom and we really enjoyed strolling from store to store.


In fact, the weather was so perfect we chose to lunch al fresco. We’re always trying to avoid the sun so choosing to sit outside is indeed uncharacteristic for us.


This is as close to paradise as it gets – everything is a welcome change, a fresh adventure, a great day to be alive. Have I ever mentioned how much I love this place, my hometown?

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