A simple dinner and dessert

I whipped up a quick dinner with Hip2bDaughter1’s help while Hip2bSon was busy trying to rush an assignment. I concocted a dry curry with shrimp, carrots and brussel sprouts, and a simple omelet with jalapenos. We had a whole plate of penne, quesadilla and chicken left over from lunch.


And for dessert, bowl of heavenly berries, black and blue, and the sweetest cherries ever.


It goes without saying that whenever I travel leaving one or more of my kids are left at home, I always make sure they’re well-fed when I’m away. I cooked Hip2bDaughter2 a few batches of make-ahead food with instructions on how to cook them – 3 portions of chicken pie filling, 1 big portion of tuna pasta sauce, and 2 batches of cookies.

precooked meals

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